(English adaptation of 'Vai ragazzo, vai gabbiano')

  1) I've touched the fire
     (file .mp3 635 Kb)
  2) God's calling you
     (file .mp3 641 Kb)
  3) Come and see
     (file .mp3 684 Kb)
  4) I've a job just like my God
     (file .mp3 801 Kb)
  5) Little Lady of Nazareth
     (file .mp3 662 Kb)
  6) Woman, precious pearl
     (file .mp3 505 Kb)
  7) Losing yourself for Christ
     (file .mp3 661 Kb)
  8) Go man fly on seagull
     (file .mp3 662 Kb)
  9) Entirely yours
     (file .mp3 455 Kb)
10) Open up my hands
     (file .mp3 735 Kb)
11) I'm waiting just for you
     (file .mp3 735 Kb)

Music and lyrics: Giosy Cento
Arrangement and orchestra direction: Ugo Busoni
Copyright: Daughters of St. Paul - Rome
English adaptations: Daughters of St. Paul - India